Software Vision

Software Overview & Vision 2020
"What is the business plan and Who is in control?"

Our Vision is to design Software that is strategy and process driven, whilst providing the following system enablers:

  • Accountability and Goal orientation
  • System Capability
  • Software Superiority
  • Evaluation and Insight
  • Team based Collaboration and   knowledge sharing

"Without Strategy - Any Tactic Deployed lacks strategic intent."

Core and Enabling Components

The Chain Research System focuses on the need for Strategy and Business Process (Core Components) whilst providing the tactical tools (Range, Space, Price, Promotion and Product Supply) to effect change to the business result by pre-determining the expected outcome of change to the required business goals.


"Which Categories will help me achieve the business Goals?"

Corporate to Category Strategy Linkage

The Chain Research System ensures that business goals are distributed to Categories that are more capable of delivering the required result, by setting a “Revised Target” for the category and driving change (accountability) to the “Category Tactics” deployed.



"Place your effort where it is needed"

Life of a Planogram

The Chain Research System records change (Variation) e.g. Range, Days of Supply, Sales, Budget or other constraints against a target for multiple stores and tactics. The user can quickly identify areas that require attention.



"Maintain Files Real Time"

Process Architecture

Ensure that the outputs remain live after production by keeping them up to date automatically, then through process, make changes, get authorization and replace older files with the newest version.




"Learn from Historic Causal Events"

Strategy Development

The Chain Research system uses causal data, events and elasticity to determine the best approach to achieving the business goals, the effect on the category, and thus the expected outcome from specific tactics deployed.




Research and Monitoring
"Gather and Report Information"

  • Price Monitoring
  • Consumer Research
  • Information Gathering

Questionnaires and Data Gathering

The Chain Research system allows users to design a Questionnaire and distribute to respondents, customers or even Internally for Analysis.

The Vision is to Integrate to Social Media Platforms and Text Applications and then to collate the data within CR Solutions for further analysis.





Defining Category Management
Category Management is the Process of managing categories as Strategic Business Units, Producing enhanced business results, by focusing on Consumer Needs.