Software Applications

Software Applications

Our Software Applications provide the framework for the development of Tactical category management and ensure that category plans are kept in line with business goals and category strategy.

Our Document Control system ensures that information generated is never lost, and is immediately available to relevant users across the system platform.

Assortment Planning

A Powerful Range Planning system that projects the outcome of your range decisions, and provides recommendations.

Measures: Item Index Vs Total Business, Weighted Distribution, Sales Potential, Stock Holding and Moreā€¦

Switch between Cluster or Store Specific data seamlessly.

System Stays Up To Date.

Space Planning

Completely Customizable, you can create almost any fixture you need.

Our Data Warehouse allows the user to switch between Planogram Model, Category Cluster and Store Specific data without the need to import data.

Items not Ranged are Marked with an X, whilst items that need to be added are simply selected.

Switch between Actual Sales and Sales Potential.

View Business Strategy and Merchandise Rules

Add Notes to your Business Plan

Floor Planning

Our Floor Planning software will allow our customers to build and analyse the total shop floor, whilst using the simple built-in features which allow a realistic 2D and 3D view of the store. The Software is designed to be simple and easy to use: Drag and drop planograms, build several architectural layers, Define Consumer Flow, request new planogram variations and identify Hot Spots within your store.